Hello again one and all, I hope that this week has been a great one for you, its the second week of the year and I hope that this year will be the best ever for you and those that you love and care about.   With the recent sad and bad news of some famous men passing away has it made you think about your own mortality ? I would assume so, most of my clients are older than me and I would think that they grew up listening to David Bowies music and were perhaps inspired by him. I hope that you are not all too sad and that perhaps this could be a wake up call for you to have a happier life, isn't that what we are all here for and after? I know that is the case with me. I work hard to to have a nice and happy life surrounded by good friends with good energies about them. I eradicated some lets call them people with issues from my life some time ago and it was the best cleaning out thing I ever did, to this day I wont have bad people near me... With Mr Bowies passing away and the  few other actors as well this week it has been a very sad week, but I hope it has made you all have a little think that we are only here once and so we better all dam well try to make the very best of it and be nice to each other and specially be kind to animals and the defenceless. Good deeds make for a happier life, (they really do trust me).  

My weekly Pits; I have been working a lot on my pinterest account this week and one of the boards was I have to admit very very hard work. Here it is be prepared it is gruesome https://uk.pinterest.com/mistresseves/mistress-eve-does-not-like-cruelty-to-animals/

As you know I can not put up with animal cruelty, this board is dedicated to this and I can tell you now some of the images are beyond anything that you have ever or could ever imagine in a horror movie. I was crying mostly through out while pinning these photos, it was so hard to gather all these revolting images together, but I knew that it was something I needed  to do, to raise awareness of the suffering of defenceless animals ... There is  a quote that Mr Johnny Depp made to the effect that if you don't like to see photos of tortured animals then do something about it. I did not quote that perfectly but you know the meaning of it .  


AND now then onto this weeks Peaks; Well this week I think  I have  scored a lovely job for a friend of mine... I feel very happy when I can so things for others, then I helped a girl who needed a place to stay with my real estate agent and another girl I went all out and introduced her to some agencies because she did not like the type of clients she was meeting through adult work, (not surprising).. Other than this I have been my usual supportive and kind person I always am to my friends. 


Lets ask Mistress Eve a question; Mistress Eve you use to do a lot more photos and a lot more often which I enjoyed looking at, why have you stopped?. 

Answer Hi there and thanks for your question I have not stopped taking photos at all !!! I have however slowed right down to doing a nice new shiny selfie shoot on or around the first of each month. I decided that I was doing too many and they were not up to the standard that I wanted, so now more thought is going into everything and well yes there is a lot more build up too. I think a nice shoot once a month which is more than good enough and this way I can really make the photos look more special instead of doing a 7 outfit shoot and by the way I'm doing them all by myself which is much more difficult too I would like you to know.


My subject matter; On to this weeks subject matter and that is all about Amyl nitrate or better known as poppers. To start off with, poppers which is what I call them are legal and they can be bought over the counter in most high end sex shops and are not very expensive, they are in a small dark glass bottle and its important to keep the cap tightly closed after opening them and using them because the liquid evaporates very quickly. I personally don't like poppers and I have not yet met another Mistress or any other girl who likes them either. I would say that they are preferred by men and I have been told a lot of gay men like them. Timing is really important I feel that just before lets say a happy ending is the best time to let my slave client have a sniff or tow of poppers. I have had only one ever bad not actually made that 2 bad experiences from poppers. One was on new Years day, this slave I was sessioning with did not seem at all drunk over the phone but after about 10 mins into the session I could see clearly that he was. There he was on his back in my booty worship box and I had the small bottle of poppers in my hand it had the cap off and before I knew it he lunged at my hand grabbed the bottle from my hand and basically poured the entire contents upside down into his nose. I told him after he got up that was not fit for session and that I was going to call a cab to take him straight to hospital. He did not want to go said he was fine though his nose turned completely black which I pointed out to him. I then told him that due to him being plainly drunk the session was terminated an that it was no fault of mine and that I clearly do not session with any on who is on drugs or drunk. The other time was a novice who had never had poppers before. I know just how to be cautious with newbies and I am very very careful because some people can be super sensitive to poppers. He loved them so much that he booked me again for another popper session and this time he wanted to use the gas mask. The only thing was he went over board, I gave him the bottle which is what he asked for and he had the gas mask on and then after a short while ripped it off his head and was shaking all over. I think in hindsight this was a lot of over acting actually. He then launched into a lecture on just how bad poppers are for people and how he had read up on it all. My response was then why did you want to try them in the first place there are plenty of other things that we could have done in session have you not seen all the things that "I enjoy" ? hint hint ? He seemed a bit miffed still I saw the session through though it was a bit of a grueling one to say the least. I would like to say right here right now, what I do can be compared to an art form and to keep the slave busy with the things I enjoy can be at time a bit of a challenge, depending on who I am in session with... I believe that a Mistress can only be as great if the slave she is with co operates - with a non co operative slave really nothing can work out that well- a mediocre session at best. 


My pet peeve; Look I hear it all the time and have done for years. Oh Mistress Eve I am so nervous all because you are so intimidating. I don't think I am intimidating at all in fact.. I know I am great at my job and if that is part of role play then fine job well done, but with all this nervous angst I sometimes find it a bit of an eye rolling to the ceiling kind of thing. Look as I have and always will continue to state for the utter fact - I don't have to be a total Bitch to be a great Mistress !!!


My final say; Embrace your fetishes and stop for fucks sake feeling ashamed of and about them. 

So long as they are not physically abusive to any other form of life, you wont be harshly judged by me...


There that ends this weeks blog - except for one more thing I just love this quote and I think it ways it all I find it amusing too ...

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