Happy New Year and welcome to 2016

Hello there to all my followers, fans and new comers welcome to my weekly each and every Sunday blog. I hope that you enjoy reading what I have to say and find that my adventures are interesting, kinky and sometimes perhaps even funny. As I always do ... I hope that you are having a great time living your lives and in careers that you adore and are passionate about. Its important to live your life and dreams not to just simply exist wouldn't you agree ? You know how that saying goes... Find a job that you love and never work a day in your life... I am a person of great honor and and am very proud of who I am and what I do, my good name means EVERYTHING  to me, so when ever I say i am going to do something those that know me well can back me up on this... I always do it !!!. I intend to take some amazing photos this year that I hope you will like and will inspire you perhaps. I will be travelling to the beautiful Island of Hawaii on the 1st of August for a week or so and there I will do some amazing photos in latex (perhaps some sexy latex swimwear) just for you.. I would like to take this opportunity, to send out a MASSIVE  THANKS  to All my haters and trolls in 2015 (yes I have them too don't be so surprised because they are everywhere), seriously please keep your venomous comments coming I find them both hilarious and a great motivator, (I'm a bit weird like that) .  

My weekly Pits; Well I attempted to lay some fricken 15mm thick black rubber on my dungeon floor, because I am a strong girl I managed to lay 2 sections, because nothing needed to be cut, the other 2 rolls are leaned up against the wall waiting to be laid down and I don't have the time to do it and every time I need to go to the dryer or washing machine

there they are laughing at me saying (in my mind) he he ha ha, you did not finish with us Mistress Eve and this kind of thing I find annoying. I like to think that when I start something I finish it properly or to the best of my ability but not in this case, so I need now to wait for my builder to get himself over here on the 11th to cut an lay it all properly( I know full well how impatient I can be with things like this). 


AND now then onto this weeks Peaks; Well its sort of a pit to the one who intended to be... you know who you are you very naughty boy ... I pride myself on being able to tell the difference between good people and bad people, I also believe I have a finely tuned ear over the phone to pick out the time wasters from those who are genuine... However such is life some of the little ticks can get through my net from time to time, This was the case the other day...After plenty of calls and time stalling from a nasty little time waster, can you believe it he even said he was at Selfridges buying my favorite perfume for me to make up for being late... I got all dressed up in  latex as was the request which as anyone knows takes a bit of time and effort and waited and.... waited. Nothing happened and he would not pick up his phone. Now some girls... including myself last year would have got super furious, got changed and marched out to the nearest shop and stuffed their faces with fattening comfort food and felt worse for it the next day.  But I've decided that this year I am going to turn any negative I come across into a big fat positive and so thanks to this little pig of a time waster look at my photos and look at my smile I did well on this shoot dont you think so too.


Lets ask Mistress Eve a question; Mistress Eve have you thought of changing the colour and style of your hair ? I think that if you were a red head you would be stunning . Answer ; Many thanks for your question and comment . Yes I have done it ... after so many people have made positive comments about changing my hair colour I am now a very deep auburn. I did not go bright ginger or red that may come in time, for now I am loving this dark hue and it makes me look very different indeed , in addition I have made a bold fringe which i love and I feel I can work better without constantly flicking hair out of my eyes, I felt it was time for a change and what better time to do it than on New Years day, I cant wait to do my next shoot to show you all I love this new look its so youthful fresh and new I am sure you will love it too.


My subject matter; Well lets get on with the subject matter of its a New year... Welcome 2016... I have decided to make 2016 MY year... Don't get it all twisted 2015 was a brilliant year for me in every way,  but this year I want to really out do even myself. I am going to develop and enhance the  pleasing personality that I already and to make more efforts to be kind and supportive to those in my industry that may need my help. I vow to keep up with all my charity work in support of Peta and the fight against cruelty to the defenseless. Yay to Pam Anderson for doing the incredible job she has been doing and for her remarkable health progress from hepatitis. There must be something in going vegan, I have noticed a lot of great changes since going full on vegetarian.   


My pet peeve; Well pretty soon I wont have one about those that are prejudice against adult sex workers because it seems that the stigma is fading so fast, I give credit here to the credit crunch. I feel that if anything good came out of the the credit crunch it was a wake up call to everyone who understands that we ALL need to make a living and I can tell you for sure there was a revolution during the credit crunch times, the number of sex workers in UK sky rocketed to 10 times more than there were before and even guys started to unblur their faces, I don't like those pictures of blurred faces do you ? If I was a client I would never book anyone unless I could see a photo of what their face looked like, its just the way I am I guess...


My final say; What I do... I do BEST!!! 


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Now then...I think that is a very nice way to end this weeks blog , remember folks stay kinky and have a lot of fun embracing all your fetishes so long as they dont hurt anyone .

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