Enforced circumcision and penis amputation.

Hey there good Mistress lovers of UK and around the world ... I hope that all is going very well with everything in your lives. Today I'm in a very cheerful mood and welcome you to my weekly Sunday blog... I love this time of year it seems everyone has got the Christmas spirit and I love the cold out side and all toasty warm in side Eves Place with fun colorful night wear and my friends coming over. This is the time of year that I really count my blessings and take stock of the things I have achieved in the year and then I make solid plans for next year. Daily good time management is the key I believe at least it is in my case. I've crossed off all from my  lengthy list that was made this time last year... On this exact day I was visiting Budapest last year. 

My weekly Pits; I have three stereo systems here at Eves Place and I have three I pods, I transferred my old CD music onto the I pods and then threw away the CDs which was fine. Now though I am so fed up hearing the same music and I dont know how to put new music onto the I pod which is annoying. I can only hear cafe del mar a few more times during session people. So if anyone out there knows of a really easy way to place music onto an I pod please help me out. One of my cats drives me crazy, James wont stop eating and never gets fat, also he makes a lot of noise. I've taken him to three vets and they all say he is fine, but somehow I don't think so. He is not in pain or anything like that and everyone loves him because he is very affectionate but its like a game of some sort for him I think, an attention thing, very annoying (but I still love him)


AND now then onto this weeks Peaks; Since I raised up my minimum session time to 90 mins and paid a lot of money on advertising I can tell you that the results are fantastic. Perfect timing too with my new photos everything is coming together and I couldn't be happier about that . I am excited about my planning my holiday on the first of August 2016 in Hawaii. I have a perfect clean and tidy Eves Place and well everything is great in my life. Mistress Lexi has taught me all about Instagram and I like it, she

has downloaded some things on my Iphone which are very helpful. 


Lets ask Mistress Eve a question; Hello Mistress Eve, I have noticed your  now doing out calls to London hotels why the change? Good question, I feel I would like to get out and about a bit more and also  a few of my Mistress friends have been encouraging me to get out a bit more. So I am excited to see what happens and yes I would like to go out a bit more. I want to compare the difference in attitudes to those clients that want a Mistress to visit them and those that prefer to visit me. 




My subject matter; OK I have decided that even though my real life adventures are somewhat interesting they have strayed away from my career as London's best Sensual Mistress. I think for now you have had a little bit of insight with regard to my humble 

beginnings and outback Australian childhood, now I believe it is time to get back  the straight

and narrow. My main aim to bring about much more understanding appreciation and 

acceptance about what I do for a living and to

others in my industry. I hope one day we can terminate negative attitudes and stigma directed at clean living, brave, legitimate, tax paying, adult sex workers . 

So this week I would like to give you a birds eye insight by addressing  the many requests I receive  for so many insane things this week for example is... enforced circumcision and penis amputation. Please note nothing like this is listed or ever will be listed on my website or anywhere else on the net as "something I enjoy" because I would not enjoy doing this and I firmly believe that the one and only reason I am asked if I provide this service is because they know full well I do not and so it is intended to piss me off. The following is just such a typical example of the request (be it a big more detailed ) almost each day of the week. Please notice; do not read any further if your are sensitive to sexual denial and male amputation. As I said before I found your website when I searched for dominas and cock torture. Thanks for your answer. I attached two images in this email. Let me know if you 

want more pictures or better sharpness. I'm 31 years old and looking for a woman who's willing to cut off my penis. I haven't jerked off or sprayed for two years. My penis is standing almost always and precum is dripping from my glans. It's very difficult to control the sexual urge but my girlfriend Emma has tied a thin fishing line around  my dick head so tight that I can't ejaculate. When the rhythmical contractions begins in my erect shaft 

before climax the wire cut increasingly harder and deeper into my dickhead. Both of us also use a lighter and a curler to prevent my semen and sperms from being squirt or leave my body. When i bathe with my girlfriend and her six and eight years old daughters they almost break my erect shaft apart when they jump and play. Nicole who's oldest ask why it's getting hard and big but i guess that's what

happen naturally. As i wear my invisible wire tight around the dickhead i'm not able to leak my cum but i'm afraid that it may change when they become older so i accidentally end up making both of them pregnant if i don't cut my penis rather soon. After the penis amputation i'll feel safe but also horny and excited by being denied physical satisfaction. I know it's a harsh sexual punishment and will lead to intense frustration but both I and my girlfriend 

want it to happen. She will continue to play with her wet pussy and clit. She will teach me how to behave and control. When my penis is cut she want me to have sex with her female friend as well.She gets very horny when i'm not able to ejaculate my cum.I would feel much better if Wanda and Nicole play with me after the penis-amputation. How short do you think is recommended to cut an erected penis to prevent ejaculation and it's white cream from coming out and future pregnancies? Is the dickhead enough or is amputation closer to the body needed? I'm not at all interested in castration, only penectomy. I want a

woman to hold my erected cock and chop it off with a scissor or a razor blade sharp machete during orgasm and ejaculation. It would also be fine if you or any other domina/mistress supported me online to do it myself or until penis amputation happen accidentally 

in a session or with my girlfriend. How much do you charge for a session or online amputation support? Would it be okay if i show my erect stump in webcam? My girlfriend gets wet by cock torture and penis amputation so for her this is just fine. Hope you will send some information or suggestions about how and when my penis can be cut. I want to be 

cut short as soon as possible. Kind regard Jack.

I wont show the photos though they appeared genuine I do not believe that this request is genuine do you ? 

This subject matter is just to show you all the kind of things that I get asked to do and to provide, my intention is not to revolt you at all it is my intention to enlighten you as to just how tolerant we Mistresses have to be can you imagine how it must feel to constantly turn away stupid offers like this.? Mistresses all want to earn a living just like everyone else  and none of us like to have our time wasted or to turn away bookings that is the fact and 

to have to read some stupid shit like this that does not in any way benefit us is in my opinion an act of hate. 

My pet peeve; If you have noted my website detail at www.eves-place.com  you will see that I have updated all my fees that now include out calls. However since I have made it plain as day of my new out calls terms and fees a lot of dreaded times wasters are trying it on with me ... and not getting anywhere. 

My final say; I know where I'm going and I know the truth and I don't have to be what you want me to be I'm free to be what I want.

On that note I will sign off, I hope that this weeks blog though admittedly it is a very gritty subject has giving you something to think about (chew on perhaps) 

Best Regards from a very busy and popular London Mistress . 

Mistress Eve XXX 

Disclaimer: Please note:Donations are for my time and companionship only. Any other activities which may or may not occur, will be the choice of two consenting adults. Anything that is implied or inferred on my websites,on my blogs, during a telephone conversation, or in a written format (letter/email), is not to be taken as an incentive for any services other than companionship. It is not my intention to in any way to promote or influence my chosen career and or lifestyle choices on to 

anyone.What ever your preference my websites are fully informative up to what is permitted.



Please read the information carefully on my websites before calling me on the day that you want to meet me from you mobile phone.

Until my blog next Sunday, take care of yourselves 

and each other.

Best Regards Mistress Eve XXX


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