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 Dear Mistress Eve I would like to introduce myself if I ma My name is Dave, 

I am 56yrs of age with an unusual fantasy/fetish, ever since being a small child 9/10ish I have had a fascination with laundry and what happens to the clothes.


As a child I used to stand in the local launderette and watch the ladies put the clothes into the washing machines and hot tumble dryers, I used to believe I could hear the clothes crying screaming and sobbing and that they had feelings, I used to think, the poor clothes, if the launderette was empty I would even climb into the dryers and close the door behind me so I could feel the warmth.

My mum had a friend who owned a dry cleaners up the road from the launderette and I would go in and talk to her, I even asked her if I could go in the cleaning machine but I was told I would come out of there like skin and bone, I would watch her press the "poor" clothes, she would pick them out of a large basket and place them on the big steam press, she would then straighten them out with her hands and pull the big lid down on them and press a pedal near the floor with her foot, hot steam would be going everywhere through the clothes and when she released the lid hot steam would be going all over the place, again I would ask if I could go on, I remember she allowed me to lay on the press and she pulled the lid down on me, I felt it lock and I couldn't move but obviously she wouldn't press the pedal, the experience made me want it more, she called the other two ladies in to look at me and all they could do was laugh at me but I really wanted to be pressed.


For years now my fetish has been laundry, or being treated as laundry, I would be made to kneel down and have my head pushed into the washing machine whilst having my back sat on so I couldn't move and I would be asked what it must be like for the "poor" clothes, I would then have my head shoved into a preheated tumble dryer so I would know what the clothes go through. After being "laundered" I would be made to lay down and watch as Mistress set up her steam iron, once filled with water and set to hot steam Mistress would be asking me questions about how her own clothes would be feeling knowing they were about to be ironed, a thick towel would be placed over me and I would be steam ironed mercilessly, the towel would be turned over at times so I could feel how hot the steam iron has made it, Mistress would even use the extra steam button so I would experience the heat.


I must admit that my ultimate dream would be to be pressed on a dry cleaners steam press, wrapped in something obviously, for that I would give my right arm.
Mistress Eve I have had this done on numerous occasions by my partner but she tells me now she doesn't want to do it anymore. I contacted and was accepted by a Manchester Mistress to be her laundry and I expressed my wish that she used a powerful steam iron to which she agreed, she told me she had an extremely powerful steam generator iron that we could have fun with but when it came to steam ironing me she set up and used a cheap iron that I couldn't even feel through the towel, the experience though, had me shaking in fear knowing I was going in her machines and under her steam iron, just as her laundry would.


Mistress I would love to experience the fear of being treated by you as if I was your own laundry, suffering under a very powerful steam iron for your pleasure, especially in your laundry area, another thing I would like to try is having my face pressed into a soft leather sofa/chair whilst having my head sat on full weight squashing my face deep into the warm leather where Mistress would have been sat, or even having a leather coat/jacket or an article of leather clothing that Mistress would have worn until warm, wrapped tightly around my head/face and again being sat on full weight. Dear Mistress Eve may I apologise for this long introduction and I only hope you understand my extreme desire to be laundered like your "poor" clothes. I hope Mistress my fantasy/fetish is not to extreme or ugly and that I haven't offended you by asking you to help me fulfil my fantasy.
Thank you Mistress Evexxx

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