Domestic cleaning slave

Hey there everyone xxx

As you know I am a lifestyle mistress enjoying comfort and luxury every day.


I have never been involved in any housework, expect in my early childhood when as a young girl I used to do my room and to help in kitchen, not because I had to but because it was interesting for Me.


Now I have My private place in Central London where I usually provide A Class  sessions for my slaves and clients.

As a former medical assistant I know how cleanliness is important, especially for the BDSM, so I always insist on it.

Domestic cleaning slaves are welcome and many admirers beg Me to give them a privilege to clean my apartment, dungeon equipment, shoes and of course my toilet.

But all you potential slaves have to be aware that cleaning session doesn`t mean free session. Don`t waste my time with pointless attempting to convince Me that you are right person who can provide added value by domestic servitude. If I would need someone just to do cleaning, I would rather hire an immigrant mother of four and pay her.



Since I have many devotees always ready to satisfy My cleaning requirements there is no need to deal with cleaning agencies etc.

Cleaning process could be done by slaves I already know or new ones with good references.



Depending on that, their work could be constantly and strictly supervised, or I can leave my domestic slave alone in my apartment while I am out doing errands and other important appointments .


My last cleaning session was quite interesting. It was about my loyal domestic slave who after long term devoted servitude was promoted to My personal cleaning slave.

There were a lot of things to do because the night before I had a great time in double-domme session, with one of the loveliest London dominatrices.

My naked and collared slave spent almost whole afternoon to get back everything in order.



I always ignore my cleaning slave while he is doing his job, but honestly speaking I like to see him wearing “toilet brush gag” while his head is around an in the toilet bowl. Since he is well experienced he always does his work properly but I always try to find the way how to make his work more complicated.



At the end of session as a delicacy he cleans my shoes and boots as a real good shoe-shine boy. This time I handcuffed him with his hands on his back and ordered him to clean my over-knee black leather boots. It was obvious that only tool he has to do it is his tongue.


My boots were a little bit dusty and muddy after night out with my friends, so he had a big commitment to make them shine. I left him in the corner to do his obligation and I sat in a comfortable armchair resting my feet on a stool.  


From across the room it was coming sound of hard breathing.The cleaning slave was forced to lick boots and at the same time to keep them still since he was unable to use his hands.


After almost 15 minutes he still didn`t finish and so I then commanded him:






‘Chop chop, you useless slave, I don't have all day!” As a consequence, I heard that he started to gasp and groan and that put a smile on My face again. 

Mistress Eve in session at Eves Place.





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