Key holding.

Dear readers...
Of late numerous males have approached Me regarding the key holding service I have listed on My website and I thought I would share My 
thoughts behind My unique ways regarding this.
Firstly yes I do believe in female supremacy as well as embracing My natural Dominance over the male species in general, from an early age.
I believe that all female possess control over males yet so few understand it nor use it in the manner it should be used.
I have read  and heard about numerous Mistress's all over the world offering a key holding service and whilst I would never

contradict there methodology, however I cannot say I share the general usage or 
indeed the reasoning behind it.A lot has been written  regarding the ideal that if you control the males cock then he will indeed me more responsive and obedient , however personally I have never found this to be the case and further more I do feel that to some degree if I needed to resort to such methods to gain control over my submissives then, I would most certainly feel that I was indeed doing something wrong.The way I see key holding and chastity is very similar to the wearing of a collar. Of course a male slave cannot generally wear a collar 24/7 as it simply isn't done in modern society. So I have found over the years that key holding and chastity devices allow Me to extend the gift of My Dominance in the same way as one might reward a slave with his own collar.I have always been a Mistress that allows her slaves the reward of ejaculation whilst kneeing before Me, at the end our session, after all would you not give your pet a treat after they had pleased you?...

The reason I mention this fact is purely through this action all of my slaves have informed Me at different times how , it becomes increasing difficult for them to

ejaculate when not in my presence, to the point 
they feel extremely wrong in doing so.Yes I am a firm believer in ' where the mind goes the body will follow'So when I finally bestow the reward of chastity and keyholding on my slaves it is a true honor to be locked away for Me.
I must stress that those that have earned this type of reward from Me have been loyal servants for sometime, I do not give this type of meaningful gift to anyone that asks, they have earned it.At present i have 10 slaves locked up in this manner I hope you will all find my

explanation informative and in reading this you will have a very clear idea of what it would take to receive such a gift from Me .Good evening



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