My recent session with My devoted slave brian.

To my readers out there - just so you dont get confused - this is a written feedback from one of my slaves Brian and so here goes, read on...

I had been a big fan of Mistress Eve's for quite some time, I'd seen her profile on both fet life and adult works and to say I was blown away by her beauty was an understatement. Mistress Eve looks divine and as an immaculate dress sense, I had hoped to meet her for a session for quiet some time but never seemed to have just the time or the money to fulfill my dream.Then one Saturday it all changed when those numbers came up on the lottery and I made my plans. I contacted Mistress Eve and said I would like to session with her over a weekend, throw in a little shopping and hopefully dinner with the beautiful goddess.I waited patiently for a response to my email and sure enough a couple of days later Mistress Eve replied and said how delighted she would be to meet her latest new slave and admirer. She said the idea of a number of sessions with her new slave as well as a shopping trip, mistress being pampered and wined and dined sounded delightful. Mistress Eve said that she had one demand that the session could not take place until the following weekend and that I must go out and get a chastity device and lock myself in until the following weekend.I dutifully did as instructed and managed to obtain a chastity device within a couple of days and locked myself in and texted Mistress Eve to say I was locked away. I found it strange to be caged and yet very excited to know it was being done in order to please my goddess.The weekend eventually arrived, I showered, shaved, got dressed in a new suit and went to meet my beautiful and dominant Mistress for the weekend. I had booked a nice suite in one of the top London hotels and asked Mistress Eve to bring some toys with her.I received a text to inform me Mistress was 5 minutes away and rushed down to reception to meet her. Mistress Eve came in wearing a very classy business suite, 6 inch heeled platform court shoes and looked stunning. I stood there with my mouth open just gazing at her beauty. Hello Brian she said, pleased to meet you, so you are going to be a good slave and please me this weekend are you?' Yes Mistress Eve I said. I escorted Mistress up to the suite where there was a large lounge with two bedrooms off, a large one with a huge 6 foot bed for Mistress Eve and a smaller bedroom for me.Mistress Eve sat on a chair and instructed me to kneel at her feet and kiss her shoes. I obediently did as instructed and commenced to lick and worship the gorgeous spike heels - 'are they Louboutins?' I asked. No she said, 'Well then we will have to put that right and get you some today.Mistress Eve laughed and said 'I think I am going to enjoy this  weekend, a new slave, some very nice shopping by the sound of it and a lot of fun' 'That's my intention Mistress Eve' I said as I happily went back to worshipping the spiked heel.So what does my slave like?. I replied that I wanted to worship her, for her to be strict with me and that I liked strap on play as well. Mistress Eve clapped her hands and said 'Well this just gets better and promptly went to her case and opened it up on the bed.Mistress Eve pulled out what looked to me like some sort of butt plug, 'this is an electric butt plug slave with a remote' you will wear it now and the only time you will remove it is when I tell you to do so, that time will be when I am wearing one of my many strapons and decide to show you what a little slut you are'Mistress Eve inserted the butt plug and flicked the remote, the butt plug buzzed in my bottom and I felt nervous and yet excited, 'Ah that was only number 1, I have 9 other numbers to go slave' She turned it up and buzzed again, I shuddered and yet found I was getting really turned on, my cock was now trying to get out of the chastity cage and Mistress Eve laughed and said 'its no use struggling slave, that cage is on until I say otherwise' 'Yes, Mistress Eve I replied.We arrived at Harrods and went to the shoe department, high heels, especially when a beautiful goddess like Mistress Eve is wearing them is a particular fetish of mine. Mistress asked if there were any I liked. I saw some Double Daffodil with a 2 inch platform and 6.5 inch spiked heel. 'Those I nervously stammered Mistress Eve'. Well get on your knees slave and put them on my feet, I want to try them for size. I did as instructed, on one hand I felt a little embarrassed on my knees slipping these amazing shoes onto my beautiful Mistresses feet but also very excited and almost in a dream to be doing this. Can I help said the sales assistants voice, before I could say anything the butt bug in my bottom vibrated and I let out a little yell. Everything is fine said Mistress Eve, 'my slave is merely treating his mistress to some new shoes.' I don't know which of us, the sales assistant or me felt more embarrassed. 'What's the matter slave, do you not want her to know that you are my slave and are here to serve me' Yes, whatever you want Mistress. Mistress Eve's leather gloved hand slapped across my face. 'Whatever I want slave, is you serving me, worshiping me and treating me like the goddess I am for this weekend'. Yes, Mistress Eve, my apologies it will not happen again.I asked Mistress Eve if she liked the shoes and she said they were perfect but could not make her mind up whether to get the black ones or some nude coloured ones. I decided to try and get back into Mistresses good books and bought both.We left and the next stop was a shop specialising in latex and leather. Mistress Eve tried on a number of outfits whilst I looked on, amazed at just how beautiful she is and pinching myself that I wasnt in a dream and this weekend was really happening. Mistress Eve chose a beautiful latex dress which curved to every inch of her sensational body and a leather trouser suite. I was allowed to choose an outfit for her and selected a stylish black leather pencil skirt and leather jacket, when Mistress instructed me to open one of the Louboutin boxes and put the black patent 6.5 inch spiked heels on her beautiful feet I knew I was in heaven.Mistress then told me to wait outside the shop whilst she got a few special items for later. Mistress Eve excited the shop and told me to carry the bags and walk just behind her. I hailed a taxi and back to the hotel we went.Go and order a bottle of champagne slave whilst Mistress gets ready. I did as instructed and waited for a text. 10 minutes later my phone  buzzed and then my butt plug - I was being summoned. I excitedly went to the hotel suite, what did my goddess have in store. I knocked on the door and it opened, 'Come in slave Brian '. I walked in and mistress looked amazing. Black leather trousers, Louboutin 6.5 inch heels, a silk blouse and a strap on. On your knees slave, I did as instructed. Mistress Eve put a collar around my neck and then clipped on the lead. ''On all fours to the bed now. I did as instructed and crawled behind my mistress to her room. 'Stop, undress' I quickly did as instructed. Mistress Eve checked my chastity cage, 'How many days slave?' 8 days now I replied. Mistress Eve then walked behind me and flicked her crop, my arse cheek stung. 'That's just a taster, if you do not please me this weekend, then that is only the start' Yes, Mistress I will try 100% to please you' Yes, I know you will, now on the bed slut, Mistress is feeling horny.I got on the bed and then felt something cold and wet near my bottom. Then I felt the tip of Mistresses strap-on, 'push back slut, don't expect me to do all the work' I pushed back as instructed and the 7 inches of Mistress Eve's strap-on entered my arse as she mounted me. 'You like that don't you slut, in your little man pussy' ' Yes' I replied, Mistress Eve, reached for the lead and yanked my head back as she happily pounded away at my arse. 'I bet you wished you could be fucked every day don't you?'. Again, ' I eagerly said I wish I could'After what seemed like 20 minutes Mistress Eve pulled out and said 'I'd done, clean yourself slave and get your suite on we are going for dinner.I got ready and Mistress Eve came out of her room, the leather trouser suite had been replaced by the leather pencil skirt, another silk blouse, leather jacket and the louboutin heels. Mistress Eve came across and slapped me hard on the face. 'When I enter the room you will drop on your knees and place a kiss on each of my shoes, do you understand. :I did as instructed and quickly kissed each of her shoes.Now lets go, I opened the hotel room door and made the error of going first. 'Stop' I waited in the hotel corridor, other guests walked past. Slap, my cheek was ringing' You open the door, you allow your mistress to go first and then walk behind, is that understood?. 'Yes Mistress  Eve, I apologise, it will not happen again.We got in the lift, Mistress asked me if I thought she was beautiful. I said more beautiful than I could have imagined. She then surprised my by kissing me slowly and passionately on the lips. I was in heaved, this goddess was everything that I could imagine and she had just given me the most wonderful kiss. 'I don't like slapping you Brian, but you must learn and learn quickly how to serve me. 'Yes Mistress Eve, I shall try extra hard.The evening flew by, with a fantastic meal and only one slap when I was slow to stand up when mistress left the room to powder her beautiful nose.After desert, Mistress Eve placed her hand in my crotch, 'I hope my little cock is safely locked up for the night' Yes Mistress I replied although disappointed as I was hoping she would release me later' Mistress didn't miss a thing, 'Oh, you were hoping for some release were you, what makes you think you have earned it?' ;I'm sorry Mistress, I wasn't thinking straight, its not my decision when and if I get released its yours, my cock belongs to you now'. Mistress Eve laughed and then slapped me hard across the face, 'You belong to me now slave, don't forget it, she then leaned forward again, I waited for the slap but instead she slowly kissed me on the lips again 'I'm going to fuck you so hard when I get you back, your are my little slut and I will fuck you all night if i want, now pay the bill'. I quickly did as instructed and we returned to the hotel.I was so excited as we headed back to the room, I knew that if I did something wrong that Mistress Eve would punish me but I also understood if was part of my training and that I didn't want to let her down.Back at the hotel, Mistress Eve went and changed, I quickly got undressed and waited on all fours. Mistress Eve opened her door, 'head down slave, do not look at me' I felt the collar go around my neck again and the lead snap on. 'Now you may look slave; I gazed upon this vision, thigh length boots, they must have had 7inch heels and a 3 inch platform, Mistress Eve towered above me, a leather bodice encased her beautiful body.Now clean my boots slave and dont miss an inch of them, I started greedily licking the toes, beautiful soft black leather, slap her hand hit my cheek, 'slow down slave, I want a good job. I apologised and went back to my labour of love. Slowly I cleaned every inch of those boots, my tongue was dry, Mistress Eve, said, Hmmn, not a bad job slave, not bad at all. She opened her legs and pulled me towards her strap on. 'Suck it bitch, I want it nice and wet. I started to suck Mistresses cock, Mistress Eve, pushed the back of my head so that I gagged and spluttered. 'Quite slave, another slap, you need practise and stop all that noise' After 10 minutes or so Mistress Eve pronounced she was pleased with my efforts and told me to get on the bed. She came around and pulled down the satin panties - a present from my mistress for the weekend. 'What do you want slave?' 'I want your strap on mistress'. 'Yes' of course you do slut, you are so greedy for it and are only happy when your mistress is fucking you, aren't you slut?''Yes mistress I replied, "please fuck me mistress'. Mistress Eve then set too pounding my man pussy again, this went on for about 10 minutes when she replied she had forgotten something. She quickly pulled out then came and fitted a ball gag into my mouth before going back to pounding my arse, which now wasn't mine as it belonged to mistress Eve,After what seemed hours Mistress said she was done and removed the ball gag and replaced it with a dildo gag. I then knelt in front of her while she slowly guided the dildo into her beautiful pussy. 'Slowly slave, nice and slow and a good rhythm,' I slowly moved my head back and forth, excited to know that my mistress was happily moaning as I pleasured her with the dildo. My neck muscles started to tire, slap my face stung again, keep up slave. I nodded as best I could and carried on until mistress shuddered and slowly came.She smiled, you have pleased my slave, put your butt plug back in and keep it in. I will see you in the morning.I slept fitfully, sleep was difficult knowing my stunning goddess Mistress Eve was in the next room and also due to it having been such an exciting day beyond my wildest dreams and expectations.Eventually sleep came, a little later I felt a hand on my shoulder, I rolled onto my back, my beautiful Mistress looked at me and smiled. Could this be true, my beautiful Mistress Eve was in my bed. She leaned across and kissed me again, slowly on the lips, her tongue flicked into her mouth, 'Good boy, turn on your side, I did as instructed and felt mistresses hard cock push into my arse cheeks again. 'I'm feeling horny  again slut and I haven't fucked my arse for hours' with that she pushed her strap on in and pounded my arse again.'You can take me shopping again Brian, some more boots I think and if you please me there may be some release. I said I would look forward to it and she said' But only on my terms'We got up around mid morning and went shopping for some new thigh boots for mistress, several pairs she tried but find a pair that she liked, 7 inches of beautiful metal spiked heel/ 'You will enjoy cleaning those after wont' you slave?. 'Yes, Mistress I replied.After lunch back at the hotel, it was back to the suite and Mistress Eve put on her leather trousers and I knelt and slipped her boots onto her beautiful feet and zipped them up. 'Clean them slave' I happily went to work, taking the long metal heel into my mouth. As I knelt in front of Mistress Eve, I felt her boot touching my cage. 'Would slave like to be released?. Yes I replied. 'And if I release you, would you like to come. 'Oh, yes please Mistress Eve I replied. Then you may but you will come on my new boots and then lick it all off. I screwed up my face a little and Mistress said, 'What's the matter, do you not like the taste  of your own cum. I shook my head and Mistress Eve laughed. She took the key from around her neck and unlocked my cage.'Now wank for me slave and come on my boots, don't spell a drop on the carpet and lick it all off after'

I started to play with myself as Mistress Eve looked at me, admiring her beautiful boots encasing her sexy long legs. 'Please Mistress may I come?'. Yes, slave and pointed with her beautiful long finger and directed me where to come on her boots. I shuddered as my sissy milk came all over her beautiful shiny black leather boots. 'Now clean it slave and don't leave any'. I went to work, hating the taste of it but fearful of what may happen if I didn't do as I was instructed. After a few minutes, I swallowed hard and licked off the last drop. 'Finished, good boy and Mistress Eve slowly moved her boots. I think we both saw the small white spot on the carpet at the same time. I looked in horror at Mistress Eve, I felt the sting even before I saw her hand move. 'What the fuck is that on the carpet, slap again, clean it up, I licked the carpet and Mistress was enraged. Can you not do anything right, I let you play with yourself and you make a mess'Mistress stormed across the room and came back and thrust the ball gag into my mouth, 'Now get your self on that bed, arse this end. I've never been a fan of pain and mistress gave me 10 hard lashes with her whip. My arse cheeks stung and if it wasn't for the gag then I'm sure I would have cried out. I knelt on the bed on all fours, my bottom felt like it was on fire, then I felt my Mistresses hard strapon cock. This is a new one slave, Its bigger than the other one, but you will learn to take it, with that she fucked me hard, until she said she was done and I could clean myself up.I started to get dressed and Mistress entered my room, "Have you had a good time?. 'I said it had been beyond my wildest and kinkiest dreams, although I said the whipping had been very painful and wasn't too my liking. She kissed me again and then slapped me hard across the face. 'Pain and reward slave' you are hear to please me, and its not for you to question my methods. Yes Mistress I replied.'Are you going to see me again soon?' 'Yes, I would like to Mistress Eve, I am just not sure when though. 'OK. don't leave it too long. Before I could say 'I won't. 'She said where's your cage?

I looked at my mistress and then down at the floor, I've packed it in my bag Mistress Eve, I thought I was only wearing it for this weekend. She let out a long laugh and shook her head, 'Get it and bring it here;. I fetched the chastity device and stood in front of Mistress Eve, she slowly and carefully put the rings on and then the cage over my cock. 'Is this all the keys?' 'Yes, Mistress Eve, I replied. 'Good boy' and snapped the padlock shut!'You belong to me now Brian and I have so much enjoyed fucking that arse of mine and I know how much you like your mistresses strap-on don't you?' 'Yes, Mistress' I replied, 'I like your strap on very much and love to serve you'That's what I thought, now a kiss for your mistress and I will see you soon' I leaned forward to kiss Mistress Eve on her beautiful lips, before I knew what had happened I felt her leather gloved hand strike my face, 'Oh you are silly Brian, kiss my Louboutin's, one kiss for each shoe, not my lips' I dutifully knelt on all fours and placed a kiss on the toe of each one of those gorgeous 6.5 inch heeled louboutin shoes - god they were sexy. I looked at her beautiful legs, that gorgeous leather pencil skirt covering her beautiful and sexy bottom and she smiled. 'Goodbye Brian, I will see you very soon, you belong to me now'. With that I bid her goodbye and left the room. I knew that I was now her slave for life and would do anything for her........

Brian xxxx

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