Forced Bi sessions

I had been seeing Mistress Eve for a number of months and had greatly enjoyed each and everyone of the sessions we had shared. She was the type of Lady who’s Dominance simply flowed. Which invoked a burning desire in me to please her.

My interests when I first sessioned with Mistress Eve were chastity , strap-on play and mild cross dressing whilst being used by her. All in all I have to say by now I was quite her little bitch.


I could not help notice over the months I had been having sessions with Mistress Eve how my limits were so effortlessly being changed as she deemed fit. Anything she said was like a freshly planted seed that grew as she wished it to.
I recall now the session that started it all , so clearly. Whilst on my knee’s sucking a rather large strapon I can still hear her softly spoke voice saying as she stroked my head ‘ you are sucking that so nicely makes me almost wish to see you sucking a real cock for me’ Of course I replied ‘ yes Mistress’ .

After this that particular session ended shortly after and almost as soon as I left Mistress Eve’s wonderful dungeon I as always started to look forward to the next session.
It always seemed like time stood still in between sessions and I have to say my time spent in the presence of Mistress Eve had fast become my favorite and most for filling. So I was extremely happy when the day of my next session arrived. Mistress Eve always looked divine her beauty seemed to me to radiate no matter what outfit she chose to wear, on this particular occasion she had selected a figure hugging black cat suit with matching black leather thigh high boots and leather opera gloves, which the mere sight of her dressed like that made my cock twitch like crazy inside the chastity device.


At times she enjoyed me wearing a hood for her and after placing my collar around my neck she place the hood over my head as well. It had become a very natural thing for her to do as she pleased with me and made me feel very proud that she had deemed me worthy to do so.
She then sat back in her chair and look straight into my eyes and said ‘ I have a special reward for you today, and in saying that she told me to stay and keep my eyes closed until she returned and said I could open them. I could hear her high heeled boots clicking rhythmically on the bare floor as she walked away.
After a few moments I heard her coming back, she sat back down and told me I could open my eyes once again. On doing so the first thing I saw was Mistress Eve’s leather gloved hand rapped around this rather large cock. I was almost mesmerized watching her stroke it, then I felt a tug on my leash as she pulled me closer , gently placing her other hand on the back of my head she said now show your Mistress how you suck cock for her.

The next thing I realized was that I had the cock in my mouth and was sucking it . I never thought I would be doing such a thing but knowing it pleased Mistress Eve . I was happily sucking away for her pleasure.
After what seemed like forever I felt another tug on my leash which pulled my mouth off the cock I had been sucking for her and by now it was throbbing hard as she rapped her fingers around it once again.


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