Mistress Eve's etiquette.

Tel: 07810805745 Incall location Earls Court SW5 London.

Welcome to My etiquette page. Genuine submissive gentlemen will experience the session of their lives !!!

* Kindly  volunteer your name, time and brief outline when you contact ME. 

* Make sure you are not unkempt and do not get drunk etc before our meeting.

* You will be offered a shower before and after your session, kindly accept.

* Be prepared to contribute conversation. Realize I am a sensual Mistress and that communication is included in session.  

* It is understood and appreciated that you keep conversation neutral.  Re frame from questions about my work etc. Remember this is not an interview situation and the reason you session with ME  is for us both to have a great time.

* It is normal for me to be treated with upmost respect from all my client slaves.  Negative remarks about my self, my career or my friends etc will result in instant termination of session. Mistress Eve.

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