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Hello I am Mistress Eve, UK's first sensual Mistress. I am English and session from my fully equipped dungeon rooms in Earls Court SW5 London United Kingdom. For all things mild to wild that will satisfy your kinky fetish desires. I am mature and  experienced (23 years) consummate, ephemeral sexual Goddess and professional Disciplinarian. Credited as being UK's most desired, glamorous, Dominatrix, exquisitely charismatic, emotionally intelligent, highly intuitive, genuine, warm, non-judgmental and an expert practitioner of BDSM. Photos and information are updated regularly. For those who are in need of some correction, read my never ending list of favourite games, range of scenarios, fetishes and disciplines "I enjoy".  All Novices, couples and experienced players are welcome. Mistress Eve. 

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What is a London Mistress?

visual of Mistress Eve
A London Mistress possesses an exquisite nature and high standards that are expected from a Femdom in London, which is  one of the biggest capital cities in the world. I believe that taking the dominant role in all things including things of an intimate nature and looking totally glamorous is what it is all about. Combined with a lot of experience and a level-head results in trust from all my loyal slaves. A professional Dominatrix in my opinion delivers most fetishes and punishments. She is a stunning creature taking great care to look immaculate at all times.
A high end experienced London Mistress is always in stilettos or boots when her feet are not being worshipped. A Mistress should have vast wardrobes with the best latex,lingerie, rubber and fetish wear that money can buy. A Fem Domme like myself must be able to connect with her slaves on a mental level in order to create trust for a successful session.
Pain, pleasure and tributes are just a few words that you would be hearing when you book a session with the most gorgeous Mistress Eve, on your trip to the city of London. Mistress Eve is a dominatrix that has been dominating the client slaves from far off lands. These men visit London just to worship her beautiful feet. These lucky slaves get a feel of her rich sensuous latex on the her soft, silky, firm and flawless skin. Mistress Eve has regular clients who hail from various backgrounds. Irrespective of their social and financial status, all of them never fail to kiss the heels that this Beautiful London Mistress loves to wear.
If you are an experienced slave or someone who is paying a visit to a professional Domina for the first time, be prepared to get whipped and squeezed into shape. The beautiful Dominatrix Eve is your dream come true. She is the one that you have been waiting for and one of here many claims to her fame is that she never has a failed session. Mistress Eve is the leading centrally located London Mistress of Mistresses. Mistress Eve has the power and everything else it takes to turn you into a dog, sissy bitch, run errands and as a reward make you eat dirt from the sole of her sexy heels. Become one of her many submissive servant slaves that Mistress Eve owns.

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Mistress Eve is based in London and is one of the most dominating and beautiful Mistresses you will ever meet in your life. From the very first second you see her you will be overpowered by the gaze in her eyes and the power of her controlled well spoken words.
Mistress Eve is a serious Mistress and enjoys making you go down on your knees to worship her beautiful body. You will be informed of her safe word at the start of session, be aware that your work is to please her by fulfilling all her demands. If you do not play by her rules or you dare to defy this unique London Mistress, prepare yourself to face the consequences. She is not there to make you happy, you are expected to pay her and make her happy.
She will not mind kicking you if you fail to do as told. She will not even care about your open wounds when she starts beating you because you are a pathetic loser and you deserve it. Highly skilled Mistress Eve loves to inflict pain and is well aware that is what you have been craving for. Mistress Eve knows that a slave finds happiness in serving her and that is why she is going to give you enough reasons to be happy. Multi talented Mistress Eve offers a rainbow of services that are always expanding.
Ranging from mild to wild and everything in between that can be cruel and sadistic. She loves her slaves and rewards them when they do good deeds for her and her alone. London Mistress Eve will give you her high heels to lick clean and her worn underwear for you to snack upon when you act like a good boy. If you are lucky, she might even feed you food with her feet and penetrate you with one of her many dildos as a sign of love and affection. You just have to make sure that you stay within her discipline set of rules at all times and treat her with all the respect she deserves.

Why am I the best Dominatrix?

A great Mistress does not only know all the basics relating to BDSM. A true Mistress must have the ability to possess a sixth sense when relating to her client slaves. For that to happen a professional Mistress must blessed with the power of empathy. A great Dominatrix needs to pick up on her client's mood and feelings and for this to happen, she must be fully aware on every emotional level that exists. Along with a highly creative and brave mind for no limits role play I have certainly made my career of 20 years as the best London Femme Domme into an art form.

How are you different from the other Mistresses?

I am UK's first ever sensual Mistress, who takes great, genuine pleasure in offering many services that other London Mistresses would never ever consider. I believe I am unique because I am open and emotionally engage with all my slaves. I am a perfectionist with everything from my presentation to my many services that I do genuinly enjoy...  The reality is I tend to have very long term clients in my life which I consider a positive testament to my success.
I have traveled many times around the world and love to take up offers for more overseas trips. I am also a relevant public figure who gets asked a lot to model the best of the very best latex, lingerie and rubber designs. Additionally I am the most highly reviewed Femdom in London. I am an out and proud professional London Dominatrix, who is emotionally available to engage with you without any distractions or reservations.

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If you have been looking for a Pro Domme who is a glamorous beauty and maintains astounding great physical form along with perfect grooming. I know that I need to be in perfect form and on-point with my presentation at all times. The positive energy that I bring into session also is a huge plus.

Where can you find Mistress Eve?

Mistress Eve can session with you in a three of the best locations in London. The first is in Earls Court SW5 which is a domestic but well equipped venue. The second is in W1J just a block away from Selfridges. The third is the Serpent Rooms in North London which is a traditional styled dungeon. All three venues are easy to get to and have an air of class and elegance to provide you with the utmost aristocratic experience. Mistress Eve would only session in the most elegant, organised, spacious, discreet, centrally-located, equipped, sensual dungeons in London.
You are invited to browse around My lovely website for more information and pictures, or simply give me a call if you would like to indulge in an unforgettable experience of domination and sensuality. 
Regards Mistress Eve of London.